Deborah Brosseau

About Deborah Brosseau

Deborah Brosseau provides audience development services to arts & entertainment, lifestyle, and non-profit clients. She is a freelance writer, providing anything from local listicles to corporate profiles for various online publications. Having first experienced Melrose in the '80s, she enjoys writing about the old school creatives as well as the progressive new ones.

The Melrose Avenue Sunnies Style Guide

In sunny Los Angeles, eyewear is a primary fashion statement. Sunglasses are also practical necessities even on our rare gloomy days for eye protection. REPEAT: sunglasses, all day every day = important in our strong SoCal sun. But when you’ve got a sweet pair or shades, they look just as good at night. And let’s […]

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Tattoo You, Melrose-Style

Exceptional tattoo parlors and Melrose Avenue have gone hand-in-hand for decades, waaaaaay before tattoos weren’t something you hid from your parents. Tattoos are where art and alt culture met, and both thrive on Melrose today. We continue to boast the world’s best shops, and they boast the world’s best artists. We’ve collected a sampling of […]

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