About Deborah Brosseau

Deborah Brosseau provides audience development services to arts & entertainment, lifestyle, and non-profit clients. She is a freelance writer, providing anything from local listicles to corporate profiles for various online publications. Having first experienced Melrose in the '80s, she enjoys writing about the old school creatives as well as the progressive new ones.

Your Melrose Avenue Halloween 2017 Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (for some of us): Halloween! Whether you celebrate it for the costume and candy, the creepy and the crawly, or the season and spirituality, Halloween is a holiday that has a little something for everyone. And naturally, so do the shops on Melrose Avenue. If your Halloween […]

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The Ten Most Instagrammable Pieces Of Street Art On Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue is world-renowned for many things, including its trendsetting fashion boutiques, critically-acclaimed restaurants, and the best indie owned and operated shops. It’s also known for its incredible art; the whole street is a gallery! We’ve found ten Instagram-worthy outdoor art pieces on Melrose. Check them out soon, as you never know when a fresh […]

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Summer Of ’87 – The Melrose Avenue Playlist

Like most summers in southern California, the summer of ’87 was hot and exciting, especially on Melrose Avenue. The street was a few years into its creative renaissance with music, art, and fashion colliding in ways that drew international attention. Driving down the street, day or night, in the summer of ’87 you’d have heard […]

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Toasted And Roasted: Third Wave Coffee, Brewed With Love

One of the common threads in the backstories of the businesses on Melrose is the sacrifice and commitment that fuels the owners. The Toasted & Roasted story is no different; owners Mike Khorosh and Ali Dickison paid their dues to the hospitality industry for the opportunity to serve some of the most excellent coffee and […]

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